Live an Unforgettable swim In New Zealand a woman bathing surrounded by killer whalesPhoto: AUDUN RIKARDSEN

The animals were friendly

13.12.18 598300

During a morning swim on the beach in mercury Bay to the 60-year-old Judy Johnson were suddenly joined by three orcas, says IFL Science.

According to Johnson, at first she thought before her harmless dolphins, but then I saw white spots on their backs – the distinguishing sign of whales. The woman was afraid that because of the black suit they might mistake her for a seal and swam quickly to the shore.

Orcas are known for their cruelty to the seals, but on people in the wild do not attack. However, tourists are usually advised not to approach these animals as they can be unpredictable.

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Johnson was safely away from the killer whales and even came ashore, but then took courage and re-entered the water. Soon she was once again surrounded by three killer whales: large (adult), smaller (young) and very small (young).

According to Johnson, all her fear vanished as she looked the killer in the eye, she realized that the animals are friendly. “It is an unforgettable experience,” said bather.

Australian surf photographer Dylan Brayshaw filmed unusual bathing a drone.

“Orcas are the largest family of dolphins, in fact, they are just large dolphins with an unusual color. And we all know that dolphins are very intelligent and very playful animals,” said Regina Eisert, which studies orcas.

Recall that the number of killer whales may be reduced by half because of water pollution of hazardous chemicals.