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Tesla tycoon Elon Musk has officially broken the internet, appearing on PewDiePie’s YouTube channel to judge memes and back the blogger in his desperate battle against the Indian record label T Series for the #1 spot.

PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, and Musk both repeatedly joked about the tycoon’s possible appearance, and fans were ecstatic to finally see them together, reviewing memes for the aptly named Meme Review show. The SpaceX founder sat down with the creator of cartoon Rick & Morty to judge the week’s best creations.

The Musk cameo pushed Pew’s channel back to #1, overtaking the Indian record label T-Series that had previously inched out the popular gamer-turned-pop culture phenomenon. Fans documented the moment of victory in real time.

look at that subgap going up after @elonmusk and @JustinRoiland hosted #memereview with @pewdiepie ?? pic.twitter.com/jJpVrg9D2J

— liv (@livsies) February 22, 2019

Pewdiepie vs. T-Series sub gap going down to 1 then spiking. WOW.#SubscribeToPewdipiepic.twitter.com/REzZAEuvX8

— Proc (@ProcessionsXD) February 22, 2019

But most focused on immortalizing Musk in memes of his own.

Elon Musk actually just hosted meme review hahaha pic.twitter.com/ZCZcNxEGBl

— ?Arthur TV? (@ImArthurTV) February 22, 2019

elon made it to meme review pic.twitter.com/bl3xiTUaWS

— ᴊᴀs (@_jaslopez) February 22, 2019

Spot the difference @elonmusk@pewdiepiepic.twitter.com/D2EgASlt0c

— dumb bitch (@thatdumb1tch) February 22, 2019

Some were more ‘meta’ than others


— ElviB01 (@ElvB01) February 22, 2019

While Musk’s facial expressions basically spoke for themselves.

Elon Musk hosting meme review with Roiland be like: "more real, the better" #pewdiepie#memespic.twitter.com/14UAKTnFvk

— zSponge (@zSponge2) February 22, 2019

Thank You Elon Musk and Justin Roiland for Meme Review! https://t.co/93J0SRoAkGpic.twitter.com/rFkPsn1nUS

— PewDiePie Submissions (@LWIAY_bot) February 22, 2019

Musk really did like that dead deer, and people noticed.

i never thought @elonmusk wheezing over a drowned deer would make my day but here we are #memereview#subscribetopewdiepiepic.twitter.com/vJ4yqg3YYu

— s a l t (@l0wkeybaddi3) February 22, 2019

My favourite part ????@elonmusk#Memereviewpic.twitter.com/T2kMkarazv

— Benjji (@Benjji08) February 22, 2019

Some even suggested humanity’s peak had been achieved.

On this exact moment humanity officially reached its peak. We only go downhill from here. pic.twitter.com/bvagZrRnEm

— Dr Grandayy (@grandayy) February 22, 2019

…until the Indian company woke up and promised to retake the #1 spot.

Woahhh…..@pewdiepie that was a narrow escape !!. @elonmusk…pls do something #pewdiepievstseries#Pewdspic.twitter.com/jrTEj9HJzT

— Pranav Mitan (@pranav_mitan) February 22, 2019

We already won. And beat the PewDiePie journey to 100m without loosing. ?????? pic.twitter.com/GLPzBvPiQZ

— Hitesh Kashyap (@HiteshKashyap15) February 22, 2019

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