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For six years the ice cover of Antarctica has decreased to 1463 sq km, which is comparable to the area of London or almost four cities like Kharkov. This is stated in a new study by British scientists, writes The Telegraph.

According to them, during the 2010-2016 years a huge area of the underwater ice at the base of the Antarctic ice sheet melted under the influence of warm ocean currents.

The discovery was made thanks to the satellite surveillance of so-called grounding line, where ice detaches from the bottom of the ocean, floating in the water column.


The authors of another study on the other polar part of the Earth – the Arctic, believe that the Arctic ice will melt even if the world will limit global warming to a maximum of two degrees compared to pre-industrial times, according to DW.

Scientists warn that global warming to two degrees Celsius, the Arctic ocean in summer will remain free of ice every four years, that is, the area of ice coverage is less than 1 million sq. km.

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In December 2017, NASA experts showed a photo of a huge iceberg, which in September last year broke away from the Pine Island glacier (Pine island) in Iceland.

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