Media: Kerch Strait is a large concentration of ships

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KIEV. April 26. UNN. In the Kerch Strait and the sea of Azov on 25 April there is a large concentration of ships awaiting passage of the Kerch-Yenikalsky channel. As reported the correspondent of “Radio Liberty” in Kerch during the day there was Sunny weather, the wind was not stormy, so the objective reasons for the overlap of the channel, reports UNN.

“About 14 hours tankers, bulk carriers and dry cargo ships stood at a distance of about half a mile from the bridge, late of the ship moved further towards the Black sea. As of 19 PM, the distance between the ships and the Kerch bridge was about two nautical miles,” — said the journalist of the edition.

The court can be seen from the shore in the district of Kerch, near the village of Geroevskoe.

According to the information that leads portal Marine Traffic in the sea of Azov, the Kerch Strait, were the cargo ship and tanker under flags of Ukraine, Panama, the Marshall Islands, Tanzania, Belize, the Russian Federation and other States.

As a reminder, the Russian Federation demonstratively prevents the passage of ships in Ukrainian ports across the Kerch Strait. This was stated by Chairman of the State border service of Ukraine Petro Cigital.