KIEV. April 23. UNN. A canadian citizen, lynched in the Peruvian Amazon, after residents of a remote village accused him of the murder of 81-year-old shaman yesterday. This was stated on Sunday, the representative of the press service of the Prosecutor General of Peru, reports UNN with reference to The Telegraph.

On Thursday the Peruvian village resident Olivia Arevalo, who practiced medicine in the tribe shipibo-conibo, was killed by two shots. The villagers decided that the murder is the handiwork of canadian Sebastian Paul Woodruff, who lived in the Ucayali and probably turned to the healer for help.

Police found the body of Woodruff about 600 metres from home Arevalo after in a network there was video of the execution. In it, Woodroffe moaning in a puddle, then his neck, throw the rope and pull on the eyes from local residents.

According to Ricardo Palma Jimenez, who leads a group of prosecutors in Ucayali, about the suspects in the murder of the shaman to speak while early. He also confirmed that so far no one has been arrested in connection with the case.

“We will not rest until both murders – and native women, and the canadian male will not be disclosed,” he said.
According to Jimenez, Woodruff first, was hit several times, then strangled.

As reported UNN, the six Rangers of the National Park “Virunga” in the Congo died as a result of an armed attack from ambush.