Floyd Mayweather defeated the Japanese kickboxer Tensina Nasukawa. Photo: Reuters

American Floyd Mayweather in Saitama defeated the Japanese kickboxer Tensina Nasukawa.

The fight, held according to the rules of Boxing ended in the first round.

Who Nasukawa

Tensino Nasukawa 20 years. He is known in Japan kickboxer. Acts professionals with 15 years. Weight category up to 55 kilograms.

Statistics: 28 fights, 28 wins is a very cool figure, especially for kickboxing, where the zero in the column lesions are a very rare thing.

But one of those it broke, you probably don’t know anyone. Spent four fights in MMA (in the show the organization Rizin, of course) – all won (two knockouts, one submission hold, one judicial decision). Opponents were also nonami.

Nasukawa look like a fan of anime or manga. For a fighter from Japan, this type – totally normal. For example, kickboxer Umar Pashaev said something about Japanese Ren Hiramoto: “Opponents of good, but I hope he will dress decently, and it is unclear with whom I box”.

Battle Nasukawa – Mayweather was held in Welterweight Boxing weight category up to 66.7 kg. So the Japanese to drive weight was not necessary. As a result, the day before the fight he weighed in at 62.1 kg. That is almost five pounds less than Mayweather. With a day remaining before the fight the American, probably even gained a couple pounds.

What Rizin

It is a Japanese organization that arranges fights in MMA and kickboxing. Positioning itself as the successor of Pride – the very same promotion, where the champion in the 2000s was Fedor Emelianenko. While the scale is incomparable. But I must say that Emelianenko’s first fight after returning, held it to Rizin – exactly three years ago, he defeated Jaideep Singh from India. Now Fedor is in the USA in Bellator.

Rules of engagement

– Three rounds of three minutes;

– 8-unavia gloves (usually polpredy weight category uses 10-unciae);

– the fight is not official and the exhibition, without the announcement of referee notes. That is the result of the match is not recorded in the statistics of the fighters.

The Fee Mayweather

It was reported that during a battle with the Japanese is a great fighter (50 fights, 50 wins) will receive $ 20 million. However, in 13 hours before the fight 41-year-old Mayweather wrote on Instagram: “what if I told you that I earn $ 9 million in 9 minutes of sparring in Tokyo. Would you do the same? I like to call this nine-minute walk”.

9 million doesn’t seem exorbitant figure for Boxing. The fee for the Mayweather fight with MMA star Conor McGregor, which took place in August of 2017 amounted to $ 100 million. That match, incidentally, was the official expected 12 rounds (ended in the 10th round by Floyd winning by TKO).


Mayweather went into the hall under the REP and a medical mask – this is especially popular in the Tokyo subway. Then the national anthems. The difference in size was evident. Mayweather Nasukawa not only heavier, but taller than half a head. Painted the Japanese and looked about 16.

The battle began, the American smiled. He didn’t spar with Nasukawa – he’s just playing with it. A grown man against a frightened kid. Nervously dergalis Japanese once were, and Floyd became more serious. After the left punch to the temple Nasukawa comically fell. As kind of stupid, though, and not really at all. Japanese rose (before this little popolzai on the deck), continued the fight. Emboldened, began furiously to rush to the American beat series – but all flew into the block. Mayweather was hit even harder, this time with a right uppercut in the jaw. Nasukawa fell again. Again.

Floyd, dancing, went to finish off the boy. For the next knockdown, it took him 10 seconds. And then Nasukawa corner signaled surrender (from the outside it looked that way). On Tenshin was scary to watch – he made such a grimace, as if not in the world a man more unfortunate than he. Really hoped for something more?

Mayweather has beaten the odds, had a great time traveling in the United States. Lately a lot of talk about how his fight with Habib real. Already the Boxing Federation of Russia is ready to arrange the match between them. If he is, it definitely something more interesting than a mediocre show in Japan on December 31. Worse nowhere.

Ilya ANDREEV, Sport-Express