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The Pitmen continue their preparation for the return match of 1/16 finals of the Europa League against Celta.

The Shakhtar midfielder Marlos has shared his expectations before the game and talked about his return to Kharkiv.

– Thursday will be the return match of 1/16 finals of the Europa League against Celta. How important is Shakhtar’s support to overcome Spanish barrier?

– I hope the stadium will be full. Nice to know that Kharkiv fans love Shakhtar. Especially in the Pitmen’s squad there are players who previously played in this city, and I’m one of them.

Of course, we will try to take advantage of these factors. In the first place, will play for the honor of the club, and secondly, for people that come to support us. I hope the match will be spectacular.

– How did you react to the news that Shakhtar will hold matches in Kharkiv?

I was glad when I found out that we will play in the city where I spent so much time. Personally, I really like Kharkov, people who live in it, as well as the stadium. The atmosphere at the RSC “Metalist” unforgettable. Therefore nothing but words of joy, can not say. It’s nice that “Shakhtar” moved to Kharkov, and now all matches will be spend there.

– Still have some feelings, when you come on RSC “Metalist”?

– Yes, because here I’ve experienced a lot of pleasant moments. These moments were important to my life and career, and therefore with great pleasure will return to this stadium.

On Tuesday morning, Shakhtar will hold a training session in Kiev, and on Wednesday will travel to Kharkiv.