As it was clear from the outset, the UEFA has not given permission to play matches even the second qualifying round of the Europa League in Mariupol.

The first and certainly would not have given. And preliminary.

It was not to have the stadium named after Volodymyr Boyko in the application. Play screaming will be far from home.

And not in the river, which originally wanted the team, and in Odessa, where at stadium “Chernomorets”, which does not sell at auction, a long-planned not only the super bowl and the concert of Oleg winnick, but the Europa League match “Mariupol”.


Very interesting it explained the Vice-President of the club (President they have, but not needed) Andrey Sanin on his Facebook, then his opinion is migrated to the official website of “Mariupol”:

“I want to make an official position regarding the stadium, where our club plans to play home games in the Europa League we have to plan that it will be the Odessa stadium “Chernomorets” our sister – sailors. And the reason is simple to banality and to tears offensive in Mariupol closed the international airport and the nearest international airport from Zaporozhye Shuttle football Shuttle to the capital of the Azov sea is 4 hours and 45 minutes, it recorded the past few days on UEFA.

That is the main cause of failure, which we informally brought to the attention of, and which we with all our desire can not influence in any way. A formal reason for the refusal was the decision of the UEFA EXCO, dated back to the year 2014: the list of listed Ukrainian stadiums no stadium Boyko, and you can play only on “arena Lviv”, the NSC “Olympic”, “Chernomorets”, “Dnepr-arena”, “Metalist” (and, if memory serves, the stadium, Oleksandria)”.


It also had two paragraphs so many bells and whistles. Yes, if in Mariupol at least three international airports, this level of the game there can’t be carried out. Just for the very reason that the airport there is closed. And who, if not Mr. Sanin know this reason.

Next is a mysterious list of sample 2014. It is clear that it could not be a stadium named smartly for the reason that Vladimir Semenovich is still healthy, and the stadium was called “Illichivets”. But even if such a list where it surely know Mr. Sanin, who at the time worked in the occupied Donetsk on the honorary position of the dispenser gumkonvoi from football was far more than a member of the city of Odessa.

Yes, in 2014, Donetsk was under the heel of invaders, and the city also had to go under occupation. There’s good feel only your and great football could not be considered. UEFA initially limited the list of cities where you can hold international matches, Kiev, Odessa and Leo. And in Odessa was played only one match “Chernomorets”, the road descended quickly.


In Kiev, there were not only “Olympic”. “Dawn” has started selection of the Europa League at “Obolon Arena” then moved to “Dynamo” named after Valeriy lobanovskyi. “Metalist” in addition to Lviv visited Kiev at the NSC, and the group – on “Dynamo”.

About any “successful” as “Dnepr-Arena”, in the summer of 2014 it was not. And to drag more and “Alexandria”, then playing in the first League – that’s, you know… I Suspect that UEFA and now that the team of Vladimir Sharan has played three match in Europe, I only know that Alexandria, in Egypt. So it brings you to the memory of Andrei Dmitrievich. Not for the first time too.

And Ukraine is gradually won not only the cities and towns, but also the right to expand the geography of international matches. In the fall of 2014, the team took not somebody, and Switzerland and Germany in Cherkassy. In 2015 the European competition returned to Poltava, but Dnipro and Kharkiv remained closed. In 2016, joined the Alexandria and returned to Odessa. In 2017, starting with the February match with “Celta” – Kharkov.


This year is expected Zaporozhye and hope that Zorya will stay there and the games of the group stage of the Europa League. Mariupol – until better days. Even if after a time, will earn the international airport. But he can earn only when there is no front line 20 kilometers from the city. To continue the logical chain?

If “Mariupol” will be held on, what we wish to him and, presumably, will continue to play in the pearl of the sea, unless there was some sort of sad collision with the stadium, is for sale. But will the “Mariupol” at least “djurgården”?

A lot depends on manning. In Shakhtar after Hotovitzky Andrei and Sergei Babacom departed more and Oleksandr Pikhalyonok. Some of them probably Paulo Fonseca will not work and possibly, even come back. But when and why? Don’t forget that “big brother” there is no reason to desire “Mariupol” promotion in Europe. This is will lead to dispersion of forces and risks, not the abyss in the first six.

And there Azov, the club needed…

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine