Marijuana  – a mixture of chopped parts of the plant cannabis ( lat. Cannabis ). Most often grind and grind the color and leaves on which the resin accumulates. For the manufacture of marijuana, usually a female plant is used. The main psychoactive ingredient contained in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (pronounced THC). The total number of consumers is estimated at 181 million .

Marijuana was known to people thousands of years ago; in the 20th century there was a rapid increase in the use of marijuana associated with religious beliefs. In the early 20th century, marijuana became illegal in many countries. Although some of it began to struggle with very rigorous methods, in most cases, the use, storage and distribution of marijuana is not considered a serious crime. And in some countries (eg the Netherlands , some US states , Canada) marijuana is partially legalized.

Influence on health

Smoking marijuana is a harmful method of its consumption, because inhalation of the results of combustion of organic substances can cause various health problems  .

System research on medical literature does not provide any evidence of the connection between marijuana use and cancer development .

At the same time, some studies have found that moderate intake of marijuana prevents the development of head and neck cancer , as well as lung cancer  and breast cancer .

great white shark canada in some countries is legally prescribed to patients for the reduction of neuropathic pain and nausea, in particular caused by HIV infection. Therefore, some countries even export marijuana. The largest exporters of this plant are the Netherlands and Israel .


  • Marijuana is obtained from the leaves and the upper parts of the hemp stem. It is similar to tobacco, mostly light greenish-brown, finely chopped dried leaves with stems.
  • A pressed mixture of resin, pollen and finely chopped hemp cane is called hashish or anasheus (anasha, plan, or hash – slang names) – a dark brown dense substance that is consistant to plasticine (but less plastic), on paper leaves fat stains.
  • There are others not so common. All the hemp preparations have a rather sharp specific odor and bitter taste. As a rule, they smoke, placing in cigarettes together with tobacco. The active ingredient in the hemp is “tetrahydrocannabinol” (English abbreviation  – THC), which is part of the class of compounds of cannabinoids.

Action on the human body

Like other drugs, marijuana, even in small doses, destroys an extremely thin mechanism of coordination of movements. Studies by American scientists have shown that pilots after smoking marijuana cigarettes experienced significant complications during take-off and landing at difficult stages of airplane management. In this case, the pilots did not notice false actions. Another interesting study conducted in the United States was the members of one religious group. Believers, according to the canons of their religion, did not drink alcoholic beverages, did not smoke tobacco, did not use other psychoactive drugs, but often smoked marijuana. At the time of the study, they have been using drugs for over 7 years. The tests on intelligence and cognition, the examination of various functions of the body have shown that these people are no different from others, and from the smoking of marijuana – no more effects. The report of the US Academy of Sciences states that studies do not support the perception of the serious harm that marijuana causes to health . It only causes an increase in heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, a disturbance in sensory perception and memory.