Marcos Antonio. Photo:

The Shakhtar midfielder Marcos Antonio answered the questions of journalists at a press conference.

– Marcos, you had offers from other clubs?

I didn’t even look at them. When I got the invitation of Shakhtar, only about this club and thought.

Very happy that we indeed made the right choice!

In Brazil know well the “miner”?

– Yes, of course, “Shakhtar” we have incredibly popular. This is due to the number of Brazilians who passed through the club. Jadson, Willian, Fernandinho… a lot of players.

I’m glad that I received such an offer.

In winter during the Championships of South America you’ve been a Shakhtar player, and the Aunt was being negotiated. Not whether he to you for advice about pursuing a career?

– Yes, we discussed it. Aunt asked something about the club, because virtually nothing was known about him and the country. When I said that there are excellent and interesting, we’re going to work at Shakhtar together as well as with Fernando, he did not hesitate and accepted the offer. We are all here now.

– Who is considered the best defensive midfielder in modern football?

Now my idols – Kazimir and Philipe Coutinho. Because of the qualities they possess.

– Tell me about your Hobbies.

– I like to be home with my family, with my wife. Spare time, it is important to carry out so, then to be well tuned on the field.

– You debuted in the Ukrainian championship. What local football is different from Brazil?

He’s a bit faster, but because of the qualities of certain players I have no issues with being on the field. We are complementary to each other.

– How your family reacted to your move to Ukraine?

The family was very glad when I found out that I’m moving to Shakhtar, especially parents – the people who gave me lot in life. It is a great club. Will try to do everything to achieve the team’s best result and be happy.

– What did you know about Ukraine?

– It is a very beautiful place, city. Also were aware that Shakhtar has many Brazilians here and they feel great. So I adapt quickly.

Saw in Instagram your photo with Dentinho. With whom to communicate mostly from teammates?

– Friends with everybody. Yes, we Dentinho was photographed, but not because, that I communicate the most with him. We are all United.

– Marcos, in addition to the main position of Central midfielder you can also play on the right flank of defense. Not trying to do you the coaching staff at this point?

– As I noticed in training, we have plenty of good players performing the functions of right-back. In the team, I sometimes practiced at that position. But the most important thing for me is to follow the instructions of the coach. He will say something and will do to benefit Shakhtar.