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A dramatic video shows an Indian Navy Il-38 military plane flying low at Zhukovsky Airfield outside Moscow, as it was forced to dump and burn off fuel ahead of a hard landing caused by a malfunctioned chassis.

The plane, which was bracing for the emergency landing, emitted quite dense smoke and was seemingly dumping fuel in order to reduce the chances of catching fire upon a potentially rough touch down.

Both of its wing chassis were extended, while the front one, which malfunctioned, cannot be seen due to the low quality of the video. Emergency land crews were on high alert, awaiting the plane’s attempt to land.

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The dramatic incident occurred at the Zhukovsky Airfield just outside Moscow on Saturday. The plane managed to land safely despite the malfunction. All the people abroad – four pilots and three technical specialists – walked away unharmed. The plane did not catch fire during the landing, but it remained unclear what degree of damage it sustained.

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