The Senator of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Alexei Pushkov unsuccessfully tried to hurt U.S. President Doald Tampa the theme “key role” of the Soviet Union in world war II.

Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov, infamous for its hostile rhetoric against Ukraine, USA and Western countries, posted a provocative post on the Network, reports “Диалог.UA”.

In particular, Pushkov considers it appropriate to try to “shame” US leader Donald trump is that he does not know about the important role of the USSR in world war II, without which the United States allegedly failed.

“Trump reminded the Makron: without the US France would speak German. You can remind Poland that without the USSR it would not have happened – Hitler didn’t see her on the map of Europe. And Trump recall that without Stalingrad, Kursk and the Russian front, Hitler would not give the USA to invade Europe. If he does not know” – wrote the Russian politician.

This pearl has already responded online: “he Lies like breathing … It’s Stalin tried to persuade the Americans of the landing. And if they landed before, then most likely the USSR as max has regained its pre-war territory, and would not spread into the spaces of Europe,” writes telegrams-channel AllГолобуцький.

We will remind, the Ukrainian political scientist angered Soloviev live rostv.

Earlier Senator cannon maliciously threatened the United States Declaration of war in case of a naval blockade of Russia.