Luxembourg requires scored a technical defeat of the national team of Ukraine for participation in the game naturalized MoraesPhoto:

In FFU said that Moraes received Ukrainian citizenship in accordance with all legal requirements

26.03.19 38300

The Luxembourg football Federation after the national team game against Ukraine in the qualifying round of the European championship 2020 files a complaint to UEFA due to the match recently naturalized Brazilian Junior Moraes. It is reported by

“The complaint will be filed on Tuesday,” – said the head of the LFF Paul Philip.

The Luxembourg football functionaries believe that Moraes had no right to play for the national team of Ukraine, since he lived in the country continuously for 5 years as required by article 7 of the FIFA statutes. In 2017 Moraes left Dynamo Kiev for 4 months in China, where he played on loan.

FFL requires that Andriy Shevchenko had scored a technical defeat with the score 3:0.

In turn, General Secretary of football Federation of Ukraine Yuriy Zapesotsky said Moraes received Ukrainian citizenship in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

“We have an absolutely clear conviction that the procedure is followed and all deadlines met. According to Ukrainian law, he lived continuously on the territory of Ukraine for 5 years, he said.

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Zapesotsky explained that the rent for 4 months is not reasonable to assume that the required rule is not met.

“There is a Law on citizenship, which requires 180 days a year located on the territory of Ukraine and the Tax code, which requires 183 days to determine residency. If we take even a longer period, 183 days, the norm is met. He rent was not more than 4 months. That is, all deadlines are met,” said Zapesotsky.

As previously reported by the Focus:

  • Striker Shakhtar Donetsk Junior Moraes officially became Ukrainian. The corresponding decree was signed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.
  • The Brazilian was immediately called to the national team in football and he has managed to play in the matches of the qualifying round of Euro 2020 matches against Portugal and Luxembourg.
  • Portuguese newspaper Mais Futebol reported that Junior Moraes may have violated article 7 of the FIFA statutes, having played for the Ukraine national team after receiving citizenship, which provides that before the inclusion in the national team, the player has five years continuously to live in the country.