Mike Ryan

World Health Organization (WHO) / YouTube


The head of the who programme on emergency health Mike Ryan said on Wednesday that it is difficult to understand the reason for the low mortality rate of people with coronavirus COVID-19 in Russia, based on the number of people in the country and the number of infected.

“It is certainly unusual that the number of deaths relative to the number of confirmed cases is very low,” he said at a briefing the who (the time code 48:20).

Mike Ryan appreciated the high level of testing for the presence COVID-19 in Russia, but stressed that the Russian authorities should explain what method they use, expressing the causes of death in patients with coronavirus. The current statistics it is called difficult to understand. “It is important that the authorities provided a method, which is a confirmation of the causes of death in order to ensure that they accurately and properly acknowledge them,” – said the expert.

According to Ryan, in the European region, where there is a high mortality rate, the health system similar to the Russian terms of development and availability, reports “Interfax”.

At the same time, the expert stressed that in some countries may inflate the mortality rate. “In some cases may overstate (the number of deaths from the coronavirus. – Approx. NEWSru.com), there may be other principal causes of disease,” he said.

According to Ryan, there is a standard official confirmation of the death developed by who, which provided each state member of the organization for proper certification of deaths among those who COVID-19.

Earlier Wednesday, the Department of health of Moscow has published mortality data for may, exceeding this index compared with the average value in may over the last three years amounted to 5799 cases. “If you calculate this figure based on data from the last three years, the average annual mortality in may will be 9914” – said on the Agency’s website.

In 5260 cases as the main or concomitant cause of death marked by a coronavirus, that is, 92% of all excess deaths in may. From COVID-19 as the main causes of death in the last month died 2757 people. In Desgraves said that related to coronavirus “everything, even the most disputed, controversial cases.” Among them 433 case when tests for coronavirus patient was negative, but the results of postmortem studies and clinical signs showed that the most likely cause of death was a coronavirus.

“In may was not related to death from the ordinary pneumonia of any case”, – stressed in the Department. It was also revealed 2503 people who died from other causes, but had tested positive for the coronavirus. 980 cases COVID-19 became the catalyst for the development of the underlying disease.

Thus, according to the Department, the mortality rate from coronavirus in Moscow for the whole period of the epidemic is 2% if we consider only cases where he was the main cause, and 3.8%, if we consider all the cases where COVID acted as a primary or concomitant disease. “This is undoubtedly lower than the official websites of other world cities: new York- 10.7 percent, London – 22.7%, the Stockholm – 15.2%, Madrid – 21,5%,” – said in Desgraves.

As noted opposition politician and IT specialist Leonid Volkov, Cepstral Moscow recognized the fact that the government tripled down the level of mortality, as previously reported in may 1800 deaths from the coronavirus. This figure was included in the database and in the official report sent to who.