London and Dublin will negotiate with a view to the formation of the government of Northern Ireland

The Cabinet Of Northern Ireland

KIEV. April 26. UNN. The governments of great Britain and Ireland in may will hold talks with the leaders of the main Northern Irish parties with the purpose of formation of Executive power in Ulster. This was reported by the television channel RTE, citing sources in the administration of the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, reports UNN.

“The offices of the Prime Minister of Ireland and head of the British Cabinet Ministers Theresa may agreed on the issue of negotiations to restore the administrative functions of Stormont (the official residence of the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland in the suburbs of Belfast),” — said in the message. The TV station said that the talks, which will also be attended by the leaders of the main parties of Northern Ireland, will take place within the next two weeks.

It is also reported that the course is scheduled for Friday in Belfast meeting the Vice Prime Minister of Ireland, Simon Coveny and the Secretary of state for Northern Ireland of the British government, Karen Bradley will discuss the situation around the formation of local administration in Ulster and will hold a joint press conference.

Remember, in Northern Ireland the funeral of the murdered journalist.