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Theresa may has promised that in 2019 the United Kingdom will open a new Chapter in its history

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UK will open in 2019 in connection with the upcoming withdrawal from the European Union a new Chapter in its history.

This was stated in festive pre-Christmas speech by Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may, the text of the speech which issued her office.

“New year is a time to look forward, and in 2019 the United Kingdom will open a new Chapter,” said may.

In his speech, the Prime Minister did not fail to protect her, sharply criticized opponents of the deal under the terms Brexit, which she and her Trustees have agreed with the EU authorities, and which will soon be submitted to the house of Commons. Mei also noted that this document reflects the aspirations of the British people identified in a national referendum in 2016 on the future membership in the EU.

“The agreement on Brexit, which I agreed to, implements the will of the British people expressed in the vote, and over the next few weeks, the Parliament will make an important decision. If the Parliament will support the deal, the UK will be able to overcome the crisis,” – said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

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May has promised that support for the Parliament of the transaction Brexit would help focus the energy of government on strengthening the national economy and in opening new markets for British companies. The Prime Minister added that this will create new jobs and new business opportunities, strengthen the construction of new housing as possible in order to come closer to the goal of providing every family their own house or apartment, with time to reach a record investment in the health sector and transform in the direction of greater accessibility of the system of technical education.

“We will introduce a new immigration system based on skills, to replace the freedom of movement of labour within the EU”, – he promised the British Prime Minister, Recalling thus the main goal of supporters of Brexit – the protection of national labour market from uncontrolled influx of labor from EU countries.

However, may acknowledged that “a referendum in 2016 sharpened the differences” in British society, caused by a completely different vision of the future relations of the country with continental Europe. “2019 will be the period during which we leave aside our differences and together forge ahead to new strong relations with our European neighbours and with the outside world as a country focused on global trade relations,” she said.

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The Prime Minister said that 2018 will go down in the history of Britain as a time of record low levels of unemployment and poverty, as well as the first in many years period of reduction of public debt.

“This year the UK has achieved a lot. Employment is at record levels, began the first sustained decline our duty for a generation, and the number of people living in absolute poverty is at a record low,” – said the head of the British government, summing up the socio-economic results of his reign in the past year.

We will remind, the European Union has officially confirmed that it will not hold new talks with Britain on the issues of Brexit and urged the British Parliament to ratify the existing document. This is stated in the final statement of the recent EU summit in Brussels on December 14.