Being one of the leading contractors of NASA, Lockheed Martin takes part in the development of new systems and modules, even if it is not asking for that. This week, the company’s engineers have introduced the concept of RV space-capsule, which would be a basic module in a future ship from the first expedition to Mars. So that passengers can travel in complete comfort.

RV means “recreational vehicle”, a vehicle with a feature of home comfort, where you can fully relax and even live. The closest analogue – the so beloved American poor houses, trailers, plain, but reliable. Every such vehicle from Lockheed Martin is a capsule with a full set of conditions for living of several people. These passenger vans can be combined in caravans or inserted into the cells in the case of the main ship.

To reinvent the wheel Lockheed Martin did not, and just went and redid my module, Donatello Multi-Purpose Logistics Module – multifunctional device for delivery of cargo to the ISS. At the time, on design it is not gone, but now the previous developments are in demand again. However, the filling of the module has changed completely – in a small space, the table will be converted into a bed, the toilet to serve as a source of purified liquid, and scientific equipment to coexist next to the kitchen.

The concept of a passenger van is 7 meters long and 5 in diameter, it really looks like a small Studio apartment or avtofurgon. When Lockheed Martin will be able to build a working prototype, is unknown, but most likely the answer is never. NASA is in no hurry to allocate funding for a manned project to Mars until 2030, and with no money and a specific order idea makes sense, and benefits.

The construction of protodiastolic — Orlando Sentinel