The U.S. Navy has contracted with Lockheed Martin to develop giant unmanned submarine Orca (killer Whale). The contract value 43.2 million. By 2020, should be ready the first batch of five prototypes. According to some experts, the Orca will be a response to a similar Russian project “Status-6”.

Underwater drones in importance not inferior to their flying counterparts, performing many important functions. However, the current generation of unmanned underwater vehicles has only limited autonomy.

“The whale” will be different from them not only impressive size. Constructed from modules, it is designed for long-range Autonomous swimming and is multifunctional. Depending on what tasks its internal cargo Bay can be rebuilt. After the introduction of the “Orca” will bear an Autonomous service in pairs in remote areas, occasionally going to communicate with the control center. At the end of the mission they also will automatically return to base.

The main idea of the project is to reduce material costs for the conduct of diving operations without exposing sailors of danger. “Orca” will be engaged in reconnaissance, surveillance, mine-protected and to perform the function of a simulator of warfare.
Source — Lockheed Martin