Using its expertise in the field of combat drones with a laser, and Lockheed Martin are ready to go beyond – to learn how to destroy ballistic missiles at the initial phase of flight. This programme runs over 9 months, the Agency ABOUT the United States has allocated $ 9.4 million.

The main problem facing the developers is to create a laser system capable to react to a missile launch within seconds and destroy it from distances of hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, which would require a powerful laser.

In the first stage, the leadership of Lockheed Martin tasked to develop a low power prototype beam weapon on the platform of the transport plane.

According to the Director of strategic programs of the company Sarah Reeves, millions of dollars spent by the group on energy research, which laid the foundations of laser technology that could lead to the creation of an effective system to intercept missiles in the area of overclocking.
Source — Lockheed Martin