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Service investigation into the financial representations of Lithuania (SHPL) investigation of possible fraud managers of companies that specialize in mining cryptocurrency Miner one.

This local edition of delfi.lt said the representative of the FCIS public relations Ruth Andruskaite, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“These days should FCIS conducted procedural actions required in the pre-trial investigation. One person charged with suspicion of major fraud,” said Andruskaite.

As the newspaper notes, the main project Manager is the Pranas, Slusnik, the team Miner one worked and the former head of Go Vilnius Darius Udrys. From February 2018 to may last year, the project has collected from investors 8 thousand 213 units of virtual currency in may, when the currency was converted, in current prices it was valued at almost $4.5 million.

Project managers publish videos that for the money purchased the containers and equipment for mining cryptocurrency.

In February 2019 businessmen informed that the export of containers with equipment in Kharkov, after which communication ceased.

The decision to move to Kharkov, as noted in the company, was made on the basis of the survey results given the low electricity prices in Ukraine, and also due to the fact that (according to Miner one) in Ukraine, the companies engaged in mining cryptocurrency, will not need to obtain a license to carry on its activities.

“We hope that the price of bitcoins will soon grow, and mining will become more profitable because of lower prices for electricity,” — said in Miner one, saying that all company decisions were based on cost optimization.

We will remind, following the results of yesterday, the exchange rate for bitcoin has edged lower under pressure from negative external background, caused by the arrest of the founder of OneCoin cryptoperthite Konstantin Ignatov.