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One of the most vibrant cities of this trip was the capital of Norway — Oslo. Alain frost shared with Delo.ua checked travel lifehacks that will make your trip to Norway an unforgettable experience!

Alena, however, that Oslo is the most expensive city in Scandinavia? How much you spend on accommodation, food and travel around the city?

Yes, Oslo is very expensive for the average Ukrainian. Walk up and want to drink? For some water 0,5 will pay from 30 to 60 hryvnia. Want somewhere to drive the bus? Cook 170 hryvnia for a single ticket. But the most expensive hotels are about the same as in the other Nordic countries.

The main reason why you should go to Norway is…

…nature, which you will not see anywhere else!

What you liked and did not like in Oslo?

Liked the variety of places that you can visit in a short trip. Then you have modern architecture in the quarter from the Viking ships, but here the overwhelming nature, to which a stone’s throw from the bustling center of the city. And that’s not all facets of Oslo.

Did not like that I don’t earn enough to prices Oslo I was not crippled.

Name the TOP 5 must see places in Oslo?

  • Lovers of modern architecture, I recommend the Aker Brugge district, and adjacent to them Operahuset Oslo and the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art.
  • Fans of history should start with the Peninsula Bugdoy with its themed museums, Viking ship, Kon-Tiki, FRAM and so on.
  • People with a sense of humor suggest Vigeland Park. You can call this place a Museum of the passions and emotions of the person. And here is just beautiful.
  • Town hall inside will impress those who are not particularly found of the Soviet Union, and to such a scale was not used. A huge mosaic, strict curtains, long corridors. Raise your head up and understand that to ceiling 12 people your size would fit.
  • The nature around Oslo. Even if you don’t plan on visiting the Troll’s Tongue and the other most popular natural beauty, then at least drive through the area. Take a look at the Islands in the Oslofjord, or move deeper into the forests with pristine lakes.
  • What should be the capital of Norway?

    If I answer “the main thing is to have enough money”, that will scare a lot of people who decide to postpone this trip in a drawer. Therefore, it is better not to answer this question☺.

    Did you like Norwegian food?

    I really liked the seafood. Fresh, plentiful, tasty…Although our Director has high hopes for the sushi, but the most didn’t come. So once again I will say: it all depends on the institution. One tourist gets in a good cafe and beat his chest in Oslo tasty and inexpensive. And the other that ate at a neighboring school and had a negative experience, would think that he was a fool, and gives bad advice.

    What do Norwegians know about Ukraine?

    Almost anything! We don’t even put in a transfer interviews with local residents, because there was nothing to show…

    What is the difference between Ukrainian and Norwegian mentality in your opinion?

    The Norwegians are much more closed than we are. Especially not the city residents and those living deeper in the country.

    Would you like to stay in Oslo for permanent residence? Why?

    Would not want to. Taking a vacation down there — definitely Yes. But not life! And anyway, if I say what country I would like to stay, the immigration service, after reading the interview, I’m not allowed back next time ☺

    What advice can you give tourists who plan to visit Norway?

    Don’t try to cram all of Norway in one trip. I think that is reasonable to split the introduction into two parts. One trip — Oslo and the countryside. The second discouraging the beauty of nature in the country.

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