Lexus Zero Gravity

A group of designers of the company Lexus has decided to dream up on vehicles for future osvoiteley of the moon. The results of their creative labors were published in the journal Document Journal.

Lexus Cosmo

Bouncing Moon Roller

“Moon” the range consists of seven models of unusual vehicles. Among them Lexus Cosmo with a body made of glass, which will give passengers the opportunity to admire lunar landscapes in flight, Bouncing Moon Roller, something resembling a high-tech gyroscope, and Lexus Lunar Cruiser is a multifunction vehicle designed for smooth mobility even on rough terrain.

Lunar Cruiser

Moon Racer

The line continued racing car Racer Moon with an unusual adaptive wheels, Lexus Lunar – heavy six-wheeled Rover, and finally, Lexus Lunar Mission – the means of delivering people from Earth to the moon.

We should specify – we are a futuristic concept sketches, followed by no and soon will not have any real prototypes. But, looking at them, we can appreciate the flight of fancy of designers world-famous automaker.

Lexus Lunar

Lunar Men Lexus — Lexus