Legwinski commented on the raids on alcorence and remembered Neil Smith

KIEV. 28 Nov. UNN. If we don’t change the rules of the game in the protection of ownership of, trademarks and licenses, there will be no investment and business. This opinion UNN announced the MP Georgy Logvynsky, commenting on the facts of raiding on the alcohol market of Ukraine.

“A common problem with raiding, it exists and is based on the fact that we have no clearly defined rules of the game, guaranteeing the right of ownership. As an example, we have done positive things, cancelled the registration service, and now any notary or the Registrar is entitled to request the documents of the enterprise, property, apartment. But the number of complaints that are received daily, even to me as a lawyer about the deprivation of property rights, is shocking. Forge even decisions of the court,” he said.

According to Logoiskogo, if the ownership will not be protected from fraud and the raiders, Ukraine gradually “come to chaos”.

The politician added that he does not know the subject of the latest scandal with the trade mark Medoff, which is how he started his position of NPP “Hetman”. However, few know about one of the defendants in this story – Neil Smith.

“This man, if I’m not mistaken, was previously involved in the Crimean vodka company. I know that he was opened several criminal proceedings on the fact of taking possession of property and taxes of Ukraine”, – said the MP.

Legwinski also noted that Neil Smith is the partner of Mr Konstantinov.

“The Konstantinov, who is now the head of the illegal Council of Crimea”, – he said.

Recall, on the eve of the company’s Beverage Trading Company (MTC) said the attempt of third parties to assign and resell Medoff vodka brand.

Director of VTS Alexey Kovalevich said that the NPP “Hetman” send Ukrainian retail chains on the letter, which claims that supposedly obtained a license for TM Medoff for bottling at its plant.

“I formally deny this information, because TM Medoff, and Our brand of TM and TM Arctica on the terms of the license agreement is now owned by Beverage Trading Company, Director of which I actually are,” he said.

Kovalevich said that for a long time a formal relationship to the company “Eastern beverage trading” (subsequently transferred all operational activities in the Beverage Trading Company – ed.) had Neil Smith.

“He represented the interests of the ultimate beneficiary of the company, but he never owned it.

Today, it turned out that the offshore company of Mr. Smith’s “EBC” (Cyprus), acted as a “transmitter” of the rights to our trademarks Zaforpo Ventures (which later gave the brands the “Hetman” – ed.).

As of now, our company comes to the conclusion that there is an attempt of misappropriation of the licensed rights to TM from the former partners of the final beneficiary Beverage Trading Company”, – concluded the Director of PTS.