At the University of Twente in the Netherlands developed a new type of device for creating tattoos that do not use needles. Ink themselves penetrate under the skin under the action of microcapital. It is safer, faster and not as painful as the traditional methods of painting the body.

The device is a plate container with ink, on one side of which has a hole for the microchannel, and the other is connected to laser emitter. Its beam instantly heats the liquid ink to above boiling point in a small volume of space that gives rise to the formation of the bubble of superheated steam. It puts pressure on the rest of the liquid and a small drop goes through the channel at a speed of 100 m/s, penetrating under the skin of the person.

The method is good because it minimizes the consumption of ink and needles, under the skin remains as much paint as you need for a pattern no-frills, with the result that “drawing” is converted into an analogue printing on the printer. Plus there is no risk to infection through the needle. The energy cost of the generation beam is also smaller than those needed to activate the mechanism needle feed machines. The system is compatible with different types of ink, each injection occurs non-invasive and almost painless.

The only major drawback of the device is a small ink supply, they need to constantly replenish. But this is only a prototype, and it will be improved. The technology itself is almost ideal for creating of medical tattoos, for medication under the skin or for cosmetic purposes.
Source — University of Twente