Laser attacks on the crews of passenger aircraft become a serious problem in many countries of the world. Only in the UK in 2015 there were 1400 such attacks. Most attacks are made at take-off and landing aircraft, or the police helicopters, which are used, as a rule, simple, but powerful portable laser devices that are commercially available.

As a result of laser exposure of the crews are subjected to temporary blindness, which leads to the loss of control over the instrument readings, and in the future can result in serious vision problems.

To help solve the problem of system, was developed by research engineer BAE Systems Daniel black. That’s what he said about her.

“Laser attacks on passenger planes, I learned from the news a few years ago. Since I deal with this problem. The idea of protection from exposure to laser I came up with while watching a 3D movie. Instead of watching the movie, I looked at the 3D glasses that form the image by blocking light. After that, I started to create a special filter that would be able to block the harmful effects of the laser”.

The resulting optical system transmits up to 70% of visible light, but may block hazardous laser radiation. Representatives of BAE Systems said that after the trials, the system goes into production.

Source — BAE Systems