UNIAN gathered facts about the youngest first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelensky.
Elena Zelensky vote in the first round of presidential elections in Ukraine / photo by UNIAN

The presidential candidate, the winner of the first round of elections in Ukraine in 2019 and showman Vladimir Zelensky won a victory on elections in presidents of Ukraine according to the exit polls and the count by more than 98% of electronic protocols. Gaining more than 70% of the vote, Zelensky has left far behind its rival, the current President of Petro Poroshenko.

Pending completion of the counting of votes and official announcement of the UNIAN offers to learn more about the wife of Vladimir – Elena Zelenskaya, which will soon begin duties as the first lady of Ukraine.

Vladimir and Elena Zelensky after the announcement of results of exit polls / photo Unionline Zelensky: who will be first lady

The wife of Volodymyr Zelensky – Olena – will be the youngest first lady of Ukraine, and Vladimir was the youngest President of the country. Spouses are the same age, both of them 41.

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Maiden name of Helena – Kiyashko, she, like Vladimir, was born in Krivoy Rog. With a future spouse Elena went to the same school but in different classes. Met Elena and Vladimir, when she was already a University student, he has long sought its location, in fact, stole from her then-boyfriend. In turn, Elena had to wait for a proposal of marriage for 8 years.

Married Elena and Vladimir in 2003, in 2008 they became parents – they had a daughter, Alexandra, on 21 January 2013, Helen gave her husband a son, who was named Cyril.

Helen studied to be an architect, but never worked a day on a specialty, she helped her husband come up with thumbnails for the WHC, then, was the author of the Studio Kvartal 95.

Zelensky is not a very public person. Before the start of the election campaign, Elena appeared only on a rare photo of her husband in Instagram and videos from the hall of the Quarter and the League of Laughter. And Vladimir himself had carefully protected her from media attention.

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Will not show MINE)! Lovers – Valentine’s day!!! #desvolopament #kvartal95 #квартал95

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The League of laughter. In the shadow of his wife. #legisla

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Godmother Elena is an artist with a Studio Quarter 95 Elena Kravets. The fact that Zelensky was not baptized. And in order to baptize children, the parents too should be baptized. So when it came time to baptize a daughter, Elena asked her friend to be her godmother.

According electronic Declaration Zelensky, Helen owns two apartments, a Mercedes-Benz Mathis and expensive jewelry – a luxury clock Piaget, Bovet, Breguet and diamond jewelry from Graff.

Elena Zelensky had admitted that initially aggressively responded to the news about the nomination of her husband to the post of President of Ukraine. She soon decided to support her husband, are increasingly appearing at his campaign headquarters and out in public.

“I was frankly aggressive against the beginning of this project. Because this is a very difficult project, not a project, a new direction in life. But I was trying to protect. And the earliest plans when all of this was discussed with colleagues, close associates – I can’t say that I hid it, but saved me from the extra information that I prematurely wasn’t nervous”, she said in the TV channel ICTV.

In one of his interviews Vladimir Zelensky said that his way – the way he dresses and looks is a tribute to his wife:

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“No time to follow the fashion. I have a closet wife is. Usually she watches me a thing, I quickly arrive at the store if suitable, purchase. So I usually don’t even know what brand the jacket or sweater wear.”

The style itself Zelensky after the start of the election campaign of her husband actively dismantle “quotes” in the Ukrainian media, comparing it not only with the previous first lady, Marina Poroshenko, and foreign “colleague” – by Melania trump. So, on voting day, Helen appeared at the polling station in a pant suit mint color and with her hair combed back. And on the announcement of the preliminary results of the exit poll changed the image, standing behind her husband in an elegant white blazer and slacks.

On the announcement of the preliminary results of an exit poll Elena Zelenskaya was dressed in an elegant white blazer and trousers / photo UNIAN

In recognition of Elena, she doesn’t know what to do in the role of first lady of the state, but would like to be away from politics. She also noticed that it would be ready to edit the President’s speech husband.

“Honestly, I would be missing (the post the first lady – ed.). As it will turn out. We will think, speak. There may be duties that it is impossible for someone to shift” she said.

Vladimir and Elena Zelenskaya / photo REUTERS