HBO presented the third episode of the eighth season of “Game of thrones”. Caution: spoilers. In a 77-minute series shown most anticipated event of the project — battle of the living and the dead. Most of the time the audience will watch the battle scenes and occasionally dialogue. However, at the end of the episode will be neither one nor the other. Some fans of the series the outcome of the battle was considered a spectacular, others call unexpected ending is silly and disappointing.

  • © Still from the TV series “Game of thrones”

The sadness inherent in the second series of the eighth season of “Game of thrones”, at the beginning of the third is replaced by animal fear: the camera focuses on the terrified Sam screaming lady Mormont and Tyrion silent.

At some point, stop everything, and in the deathly silence of the warriors, the dothraki, unsullied, free folk and the others — awaiting the arrival of the army of the dead. But first they have to meet the lady melisandre again. That’s great morale, igniting a fire arachi — the weapon of dothraki and unsullied greeted with the phrase “Valar morghulis”. As will become clear later — for a reason.

Unfortunately, fire swords do not help, and subjects of the King of Night do not leave alive almost none of improvising in the first fight the dothraki. Then the army of the dead is taken for the following ranks of the national team of the Seven Kingdoms. And with startling dynamics. What exactly happened — for example, as Jaime Lannister rescued Brienne of Tarth — better to watch in slow motion.

General panic interrupt Daenerys and Jon snow, riding dragons. The dead are dying EN masse from the fire, and living there is hope for salvation.

Nevertheless, morale greatly falls when the horizon appears the dragon King of the Night. Viserion terrible, breathes a blue flame, does not ignite the fire, and to top it all off comes to grips with living counterparts. Your dragon will lose Jon, Daenerys at the end, too, will have to stay without a pet: I will jump ahead and say it for some strange reason, will allow the dragon to be captured by the Horde of the dead will remain in the battlefield, surrounded by enemies. You save the Queen with their lives, Jorah Mormont, and she would bitterly mourn his death.

  • © Still from the TV series “Game of thrones”

And before that, until Winterfell was trying to hold the line, Daenerys and Jon somewhere above the clouds hunted the King of the Night. Overtook the enemy, She was unpleasantly surprised to find that the dragon flame is nothing to him. John decided to hit the invulnerable King the blade, but crept carefully enough: he was noticed. Daenerys saved the beloved, but to stop the King of the Night could not — as a result, he went in search of bran stark.

The castle keep also failed. The audience certainly will have a lot of questions to the tactics of the defenders, so she was thoughtless and even ridiculous. Apparently, it was intended that by the end of the series from the troops of John and Daenerys almost nothing left.

Sitting, watching game of thrones and wonder of the stupidity of the strategy of the living. I can’t understand why they sent the entire dothraki Horde to death?#GameofThrones

— Evangaylioh (@Evangayl1oh) 29 APR 2019

The defenders had to retreat. They distance themselves from the army of the dead fire pit, but the white walkers were smarter, broke through the ring and made his way through the wall. They will even go to the crypt, where women, children and Tyrion.

The latter suffers from a sense of shame, he would like to be on top and fight alongside everyone else.

“You would have died. No matter what you can not”, — calms him Sansa. However, then adds: no one sitting in the audience on what can not, and Tyrion was the best of her husbands.

Dies heroically lady Mormont before her death, she manages to stab the giant. Ridiculous death of Addison, Colletta. White Walker and kills Berik Dondarrion (as it turns out, it is really the Lord of Light raised so many times for a reason).

I must give credit to the creators is to cram so many false spoilers in the teaser. Well done. #GameofThrones

— Timur aka Lawyer (@lincoln__lawyer) 29 APR 2019

Especially sorry for Theon Greyjoy, who is obviously never going to claim the hand and heart of Sansa. Greyjoy defended the bran from the white walkers and killed the King of the Night — before to reach the three-eyed crow.

But Theon got what, in fact, back in Winterfell, — forgiveness. “Theon, you’re a good person. Thank you,” say bran before Greyjoy rush in the last fight.

If the events in the beginning of the series unfolded rather quickly and then is a bit too fast, at the end of the episode, the creators of “Game of thrones” have slowed the narrative. Under tragic music the audience see the fall of Winterfell, the grief of the few surviving heroes of the dead and an inquisitive look on Brandon stark closely approached him the King of the Night.

No one would have any doubt that what is happening is the end of the series, don’t stay ahead of three more episodes. But in this tragic moment all of a sudden think of the King of the Night (along with his entire army) with one blow of the blade in the side killed Arya stark.

And the idea alone to attack the leader of the army of the dead Aryeh filed a red priestess caught her old friend.

-Who killed the King of the Night?
-No One#Grapestalk

— Kassymkhan (@sadkacuk) 29 APR 2019

For and against ending

The murder of the King of the Night shocked the fans of the series, but many of them disappointed. Fans of “Game of thrones” can’t bear the thought that, in all probability, the main antagonist in this story would be Cersei.

“Congratulations on the first series of the first season to advertise the most ancient and powerful villain, the embodiment of death and retribution over the whole human race, the strong and cunning to kill him with a knife in Bochin… now give me the remaining three series to look at the war merisusi the king’s son with the old marazmatichka-pyromancy and its a broken sailor” — outraged one of the users “Vkontakte”.

I hope Loki will see a new episode of #GameOfThrones (particularly Arya) and understand how we should kill Thanos when he grabbed him, using only one knife

— xannygirl//DONT DO IT (@pr1ncess_angst) 29 APR 2019

“There is no more reason to watch this series. More incompetent drain the main villain could be,” complains another.

Some were unhappy that in the third series killed any of the main characters.

“All Mormont died, but all the Starks alive. They have immortal. As the Lannisters,” — noted in the social network.

On this basis the fans of the show accusing its creators in the absence of elementary logic.

“The dothraki, superjeweler, ruled for 30 sec. This is the norm? But one-handed Jaime that bran would even beat immortal. The hopelessness of logic”, write the Internet users.

However, many of the episode still liked it.

It was the best series of all the series

— The correctness of the choice (@Bimboboss) 29 APR 2019

“Don’t you think that all you whining people, too much to expect from the show?” — interested in the same discussion.

“If you haven’t seen the third series, you’d better leave it for home viewing, do not spoil the impression. There superpresident, if you are really a fan of” — noted in Twitter.

If you haven’t seen #grapestalk 3 series it is better to postpone it for home viewing ,do not spoil the impression there is a super experience if you are really a fan

— Caravan stories (@bagestan1) 29 APR 2019

Many fans of the series hope that the worst villain is still alive, and viewers will witness an unusual plot twists.

“Really, “Game of thrones” a little compleit the work of Tolkien. He also Aowin flunked a significant antagonist. Which brings us to what a true dark Lord never King of the Night” — suggest in social networks.

Really, Game of Thrones a little compleit the work of Tolkien. He also Aowin flunked a significant antagonist. Which brings us to what a true dark Lord never King of the night.#GameofThrones

— Ruslan moles (@CrazyPanda) 29 APR 2019