After the departure of the Moscow “Dynamo” in draw of play-off Continental hockey League (KHL) head coach of the Moscow team Vladimir Krikunov has declared its readiness to continue working in the club in season 2019/20.

  • © Nina Zotina
  • RIA Novosti

“I like a coach ready to go for the new season. This could have played a little better, but you climb up was difficult”, — quotes the expert TASS.

According to Krikunova, despite the defeat from CSKA with the account 1:4 in the second round of the playoffs the KHL, the hockey players of “Dynamo” did everything I could at this point in the confrontation with the “soldiers”.

“I lost, but it is clear who is who, with whom you can move on, and who to leave,” he added.

Earlier it was reported that CSKA in five games has beaten “the Dynamo” and reached the third round of the playoffs CHL.