After Microsoft officially discontinued the Internet Explorer browser last week after 27 years of operation, it caused a violent reaction on the Internet. But perhaps the web developer from South Korea named Chong Ki-yong went the furthest. He spent $330 to make and install a real physical tombstone on the symbolic grave of Internet Explorer.

The tombstone contains the famous logo, the launch and stop dates of the browser, as well as a snide inscription about “The best browser for downloading other browsers”, which for many years was not far from the truth. As explained by Chong Ki-yong, for him Internet Explorer was a whole era, from which contradictory impressions remained. This can be described as a story of love and burning hatred characteristic of dramatic works.

The programmer said that in South Korea, Internet Explorer is in great demand in many companies, but not because of its outstanding qualities, but because of a certain inertia of thinking and the diligence of their owners. Those who are not connected with the IT sphere prefer not to spend money on updating software and equipment, so they often work on ancient computers with long-outdated programs. Jong Ki Ye admits that it was easier for him to adapt his web applications to older versions of Internet Explorer than to convince customers to install something more modern. Hence this attitude towards the browser, which haunted him for half his life.

Source — Reuters