Family and community singer Julia Nachalova does not confirm the information that the status of the artist has deteriorated. This was stated by the PR-Manager of Nachalovo Anna Isaeva. Earlier, several media outlets reported that the singer allegedly diagnosed with brain swelling and bilateral pneumonia. It became known that Nachalova is in resuscitation of one of hospitals of Moscow, the doctors brought her into a state of artificial coma. It was noted that Nachalova connected to the ventilator.

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PR-Manager of Russian singer Yulia Nachalova Anna Isaeva in conversation with representatives of mass media has not confirmed the information about the swelling of the brain of the performer.

“I have nothing to tell you” she said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Earlier Isayev commented that the singer allegedly diagnosed with swelling of the brain tissue. PR Manager stressed that this is not known either her or the native Nachalovo.

“We know nothing”, — she told the TV channel “360”.

The day before in some mass-media there were unconfirmed reports of deterioration in the state of Nachalovo, which is being treated in intensive care.

Earlier, on 14 March it was reported that the condition of Nachalovo improved. According to Anna Isayeva, the singer remains in intensive care, but her body is gradually recovering.

“I received new information from the hospital that Julia was slightly better. One step better than it was”, — she wrote in her Instagram.

“It took the rest and support the tone”

Monday, March 11, in the network there were reports that Yulia Nachalova urgently hospitalized. It was explained that the singer was in the hospital because of the spike in blood sugar levels in the background of several serious diseases. She Nachalova denied this information, stating that it is in Italy. Later in the account of the singer in Instagram appeared a picture of her from Rome.

Then the data about the hospitalization of Yulia did not confirm and its managers — Vladimir Belov and Anna Isaeva. In particular, Isayev noted that Nachalova is undergoing tests in a Metropolitan hospital, which began in Rome. The diagnosis, according to Isaev, the singer is often in connection with chronic disease — gout.

In addition, the health of the performer affected long shoot in the new show, explained the Manager. She said that the actress had to wear high heel shoes, and she allegedly erased the leg.

“As a result, she took the treatment, rest and support of tone. So now Yulia continues the examination by Russian doctors,” explained Isaev.

In addition, the PR Manager asked reporters not to attribute to the performer a serious diagnosis and not to focus on her health problems.

“Lungs can’t cope”

Later it became known that Yulia Nachalova hooked up to a ventilator. In addition, the media reported that the doctors introduced a singer into an artificial coma.

Mar 13, PR-Manager of Nachalovo told that the singer is in a state of artificial coma, which is necessary to her body recovered. Isaev urged the journalists not to exaggerate by speculating on the problems of the artist with his health.

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“This is a condition in which a person sleeps. It introduced specifically to give your body a rest”, — said the representative of the performer.

In an interview with TASS, Isayev said that the need to connect Nachalova on a ventilator arose because “light is not on it.”

“No one really can explain why this happened, but the failure in the body occurred on the background of the fact that she was previously infected feet after she rubbed. Julia a few diagnoses that could so adversely affect her body,” — said the PR Manager.

She refused to call the diagnosis and suggested to wait for the official conclusion of physicians. According to Isayeva, the clinic is close to the singer are her family and friends.

Then the media spread information about what Nachalova was discharged from the intensive care unit.

“It is already. She was discharged yesterday. She was transferred yesterday,” led the TV channel “Star” the words of the nurses of the intensive care unit.

PR Manager of the actress did not confirm or deny this information, stating in an interview with RBC that it would not “comment on stupidity.”

“She will recover”

Many Russian artists of Nachalovo wish Julia a speedy recovery. In particular about this in his Instagram wrote the musician Alexander Panayotov.

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All my rays of goodness now go out to you, my dear @julianachalova ❤ this for a speedy recovery! You are waiting for relatives, friends,millions of fans, the Scene and great things!

Publication of ALEXANDER PANAYOTOV (@panaiotov) Mar 14, 2019 2:00 PM PDT

Singer Katya LEL has also supported the colleague.

“I remember when you participated in the program “Last hero”, how many of you passed the test you told me about it. I remember you so many years, and you have to get well soon. Because you have a beautiful daughter Vera, you have so much more to give, to raise her to her feet. I want you to feel all our love, all our warmth and soon returned to us,” said LEL in a video published on the channel REN TV.

Actress Evelina Bledans expressed confidence that Nachalovo will provide the necessary care, conduct treatment and that will soon go on the amendment.

“Of course, I’m pretty sure everything will be fine. Those manipulations, which are now being taken to the hospital with Yulia, bring some positive results, it will recover… Now a lot of people praying for her health,” she said in an interview with REN TV.