Nikolay BUTSENKO – the most experienced fighter of the national team of Ukraine. Photo:

Today in Kharkov Palace of sport “Lokomotiv” George Kirpa starts next 42nd in a row and for the first time in our country by the European Boxing forum.

16-24 Jun here for awards of continental coinage will take the rivalry about 400 strongest masters of leather gloves from 44 powers of the Old world. And those 40 in each of the ten weight categories, overcome the barrier of the 1/4 finals, and got to the eight of the strongest will be awarded a license for the world Cup which will be held from 25 August to 3 September in Hamburg.

This ring seven years ago have already passed the battles of the continental rank. Then, however, in the Cup of Europe the number of participants was much smaller, and they represented 15 countries mainly the former Soviet Union. In organizational terms, the owners really tried their hospitality all foreign delegations received a high rating.

Which is not true in sports because the previous generation fighters, including the two years later, laureates of the 2012 Olympics, Alexander Tendril, Denis Berinchik, Taras Shelestyuk and Oleksandr gvozdik, of the ten gold medals were given to their foreign colleagues. And although the star constellation of Ukrainian supermasters headed the most successful Vasyl Lomachenko went into professional Boxing, it was replaced by a new cohort of young, talented and ambitious followers. These guys will represent our country today at the opening of the European championship.

– What was the selection criterion of our boxers at the Kharkov continental forum? asked before the start day of the correspondent “SE” the head coach of the national team of Ukraine Dmitry Sosnowski.

In the formation of the current team, we adhere to a sports principle. And, of course, repelled by the results of last November’s championship of Ukraine which took place, by the way, here in the arena of the Kharkiv Palace of sports “Lokomotiv”. Nine guys, then won gold medals, and will be released on the European ring. The only exception was that instead of the heavyweight champion Igor Seajacked from Dnepropetrovsk will be losing then it by split decision in the finals silver medalist Viktor Vykhryst.

After the national championship we had some doubts about who to put on the European ring of the Duo leading boxers and one more in weight to 69 kg, where the main competitors were Yevgeny Barabanov and losing him, too, with the score 1:2 in the final bronze medalist at the European games 2015 Yaroslav Samofalov from Brovary. Shevadzutsky then does especially expressed in the subsequent major international tournaments, and Vykhryst was the winner in the Hungarian Debrecen, and on the Memorial of Nicholas Munger in Kherson, where his opponent was only the third. And Drums on the Kherson ring again took over by Samofalova, and now all the referees gave him the preference.

The team’s preparation for the European championship, as far as we know, began long before, immediately after the holidays. Where is it held and what other tournaments, except for those mentioned in Debrecen and Kherson, your players have practiced your skills?

– In preparing the team for the new season we will, as always, adhere to the plan developed before. It began in January in Kolomyia with restoration collection. After the physical training took part in seven international competitions and each of them brought home medals.

So, from Debrecen returned with four awards. In Sofia the so-called small world Cup, which is the traditional tournament “Strandja”, the rivalry between boxers from 35 countries won four medals. Three brought from Germany and Azerbaijan. And another tournament of class “A” in Kherson has got our guys yourself 29 awards, nine of them gold.

Returning from these trips, collect technical and tactical training at the Olympic base in Concha-to Zaspa, three on the Gulf coast of the Black sea in Skadovsk. And to the final training camp started the first of June directly in Kharkov, in the Boxing ring, where will pass the championship of the continent.

– Leader in team of the Kharkiv sample, obviously, is the most experienced in this Odessa Nikolay butsenko – the silver medalist of Europe and bronze medalist of the world 2013 member of the 2016 Games. You, Dmitry Dmitrievich share this opinion?

– Of course. Kohl’s is really a true leader in the team and, as they say, in life. No wonder his boys elected as their captain. In the category up to 56 kg, he has no equal in our country, it became a four-time champion and in Europe, and the world few who can provide him a decent competition.

Some skeptics told me that, well, butsenko is already aged, it is hardly possible now to expect high results. And what is he, let, age, if he turns only 26 years old. And the fact that his extraordinary talent is in her Prime, Nikolai brilliantly demonstrated on “Strandzha”, which took precedence over all strong opponents and received in addition to a gold medal and a prize to the best boxer of the tournament. So, no doubt, butsenko is our main hope.

But other young guys, apparently, also capable of much?

– Yes, any team can make any surprise, I hope – in a positive aspect. Besides, all of them together with butsenko had a good Boxing school and during their performances in the team “Ukrainian Atamans” in the semi-professional world series WSB.

Except, you see, is not counted among the category leaders of the Cossacks, Dmytro zamotayev who won (category up to 52 kg). Even at the age of 20 he loudly declared their extraordinary abilities, then winning in 2015 the bronze medal at the European games and world Championships. He had no equal in three national Championships, and at the last tournament manger. Leaders and not do the same, for example, Kharkov Yuri Shestak (to 60 kg) and Poltava Alexander Khizhnyak (75 kg)? The first of these is the two – time national champion, became the silver medalist of youth Europe, won victories over the strong opponents bronze on the “Strandja”, the highest awards on the tournament manger and the “Gold belt” in Romania.

And Khizhnyak – winner of bronze at the European games 2015, world champion among juniors and our continent in the youth category, the audience favourite with their bright victories in astromaterials style in the “Ukrainian Atamans”. And mentioned already experienced heavyweight Viktor Vykhryst from Kremenchug, three-time national champion and winner of several international competitions, and believe me, it is also possible to classify leaders.

The other five boxers of the national team for the first time the European ring. What are their merits?

– Lviv Nazar Korotkin training in the “Ukrainian Atamans” with Uzbek Legionnaire Hasanbey by Dusmatova, learned a lot from this great master, which soon became an Olympic champion in Rio and received the Val Barker trophy for best boxer of the Games. Korotkin – already a three-time and reigning champion of Ukraine, winner of tournament in memory of the manger. Hmelnitchiny Mher Hovhannisyan (up to 64 kg) for the first time conquered the title of national champion added the world championship gold among the students. The last of these tournaments the bronze was won by the inhabitant of Kiev Evgeny Barabanov (up to 69 kg), which is four times became the champion of Ukraine. Mr Violin of Kiev region (up to 81 kg) – physically very strong guy. He confidently won the last national championship and the tournament manger, a bronze medalist of the “Strandja”. Finally, the second part of the representative of the Kharkiv school of Boxing Ramazan Abdullayev (up to 91kg) – silver medalist of the youth European Champions in this age category, and working among adults.

Over a dozen years of your fruitful activity on a post of the coach of the national team, accompanying chime of medals at the Olympic games, world and European Championships, you, Dmitry Dmitrievich, at the question of how much this time we will have awards, invariably replied: “I am not God and not a prophet.” And now obviously will not open the veil of mystery?

– Got it right, as really never before such big tournaments don’t do any oriculture and predictions. Yeah, don’t want to be banal shit. After all not only depends on the degree of willingness of a boxer, but also on other objective and subjective factors. Including – and from the draw, and the quality of justice, and many other nuances. Especially since after each Olympic games, usually the update in teams, many leaders of different countries turn Pro or finish his Boxing career at all. So focus on who at that Garazd – very difficult.

Of course, strong teams will be represented, for example, England, Russia, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Italy, some others. And many more countries always put on some high level boxers. So I can only say that all my guys are in good shape, healthy, will fight to the last bullet. Each of them is able to reach the quarter-finals and thus qualify for the world Cup. As for the medals, then my answer will not wait. As they say, wait and see…

Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine


On the eve of the opening of the Kharkiv championship Boxing double Olympic, world and continental champion Amateur world champion in two professional categories Vasyl Lomachenko addressed with parting words to his followers the members of the national team.

“For the first time Ukraine is hosting the continental championship in Boxing. Athletes from more than 40 countries got the chance to compete for the title of the best boxers of Europe and win a license for the upcoming world Cup. The guys from the national team of Ukraine, appeal to you. You have every opportunity to show themselves and represent our box at home. The chance of a lifetime. Devote yourself to the final workout, be persistent, believe in yourself and show the real Ukrainian spirit!”.


Nazar KOROTKIN 17.10.1993 Lviv region 49 kg

Dmitry ZAMOTAEV 04.04.1995 Zaporozhye region up to 52 kg

Mykola butsenko 20.06.1991 Odessa region up to 56 kg

Yuri SHESTAK 26.04.1993 Kharkiv region up to 60 kg

Mher HOVHANNISYAN 12.09.1993 Khmelnitsky region up to 64 kg

Yevgeny BARABANOV 24.07.1993 Kiev to 69 kg

Alexander KHIZHNYAK 03.08.1995 Poltava region up to 75 kg

Mr VIOLIN 06.07.1994 Kiev region up to 81 kg

Ramazan MUSLIM 18.04.1995 Kharkiv region up to 91 kg

Victor VYKHRYST 03.09.1992 the Poltava region, more than 91 kg