The long-awaited battle huge battle robots of American and Japanese production took place approximately as intended. For three rounds Kuratas from Suidobashi managed to win a legitimate victory, to surrender and be defeated Eagle Prime from MegaBots. Nobody was hurt, which is not true about their feelings.

The battle has turned out much more entertaining than critics expected, but the organizers stubbornly silent about how much time is actually the battle lasted for two hours or two days? Dozens of operators, thousands of personnel, many conventionally-staged moments during the battle. Perhaps we should just rename this direction in “robot wrestling”.

Of course, the poor ride quality and maneuverability of the machines failed to hide even a skilled video editing. However, the destruction created by the robots were not just real – many times the film crew literally had to flee. And invariably all the actors back in position, because as the saying goes, “the show must go on”.

Officially, the victory is awarded to the Americans, after their Eagle Prime of his chain saw broke the Japanese limb of the robot, depriving the opportunity to fight. In fact, there was a constant crisis tactical thinking, both teams are in full ranted about secret techniques, but failed to apply them. Or did not dare – is deadly desperate fight, the audience saw almost theatrical performance.