Ani Lorak remembered that in 2014 her team on “the Voice” in Ukraine was Nikita Alexeev and Alexander Zaritskaya.
Lorac criticized online /

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak remembered how he worked in Ukraine. She has posted a video which shows the leading role of the “voice of the Country”.

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The singer said that in 2014 her team on the show were Nikita Alexeev and Alexander zarickaja (group KAZKA). “And who will be the future star of my team?”, — posted by lorac in his account on the social network Instagram.

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And who will be the future star of my team? What do you think? Thanks for the memories! #alekseev #kazka #crying #anilorakvoice7 How about a traditional live broadcast before the Vote? Offer themes ?

Article is from Ani (@anilorak happy) 23 Nov 2018 at 5:23 PST

Netizens noted that lorac has nothing to do with the success of Alekseev and Zaritskaya.

“These people are so cool, it does not merit Ani Lorak, she betrayed Ukraine”, “Well, actually, I’m the Cuzco learned only through factor! Thanks to the X factor they have become so popular, sorry…not you” “But you were the person who helped them to be realized. You just helped them to see the audience and on the show they didn’t win” — write to the network.

Previously, Ani Lorak was intrigued by the network of returning to Kiev.