On the eve of Eurovision-2019 contestant from Russia Sergey Lazarev and responsible for the production of his room, Philip held a press conference in Moscow. They explained to reporters why Lazarus had to participate in a music contest for the second time, assessed the degree of policy impact on the results of the vote and spoke about the song Scream, which the artist will perform in tel Aviv.

  • Philip Kirkorov, Sergey Lazarev, at the press-conference devoted to the Eurovision song contest-2019
  • RIA Novosti
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Before the start of Eurovision-2019 is less than one month: the first semi-final will take place on 14 may in Israel. From Russia will perform at the contest, Sergei Lazarev, who had already represented the country at the song contest in 2016. The draw determined in the second semi-final scheduled for 16 may.

On the eve of the competition Sergey Lazarev and Philipp Kirkorov (he participated in the creation of the song Scream, which Lazarev will perform in tel Aviv, and is also responsible for training rooms) gave a press conference in Moscow. They spoke about the creation of the video, assess how policies may affect the result of the vote, and praised Israel for training events.

About the song

Scream the words to the song written American singer and was nominated for a Grammy award Sharon Vaughn, and the music was composed by Philip Kirkorov in collaboration with the Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos.

Lazarev and Kirkorov said that this time the song will be very different in concept from You Are the Only One. If in 2016 the focus was on the dance element, the catchy melody, but this time the arrangement turned non-standard.

“I knew that this is not radiohit that this is not a song-gum, which clings. She has a very unusual structure. It is not customary to structure “verse — chorus — verse”. The melody is not easy, it is incredibly difficult to sing, very wide range of song,” — shared his opinion Lazarev.

Confirmed the words of colleagues and say: “this is a test of Vocal torture. When we were picking the tone, Sergei insisted that she was the most high.”

Lazarev also said that he had performed Scream while on tour in Europe — and in each city audience very warmly received by the composition.

About politics in the competition

Kirkorov and Lazarev admitted that because of the current rules, according to which the winner is chosen by audience vote, but the decision of the jury, raises questions about the objectivity of the contest. However, they expressed hope that political considerations will not affect the outcome of the competition.

“The contest “Eurovision” — this is a complex system of relations between countries, politicians, music. This is a very complex design. To go a second time — a huge liability and a huge risk,” — said Kirkorov.

  • Philip
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According to him, if in 2016 the competition operated under the old rules, when taken into account only the opinion of the audience, Lazarev would have won already.

“But joined in the vote of the jury. How they negotiate, how to evaluate the artist, remains on the conscience of the company, which broadcasts the competition in this country,” said the producer.

“If you look at the vote for Polina Gagarina in Lithuania, you will see that it was put on the 26-th place. Sergey Lazarev jury in Lithuania was put on the 25th place. In the final, to put these artists on such sites is unclear what a reasonable bias, — said Kirkorov. — We must understand that the mission Sergei ever more complex. By and large the attitude towards us changed little. There are situations which we can not influence. We believe that it is a song contest”.

At the same time, Sergey Lazarev noted that he is ready for a possible pressure during the speech, but hoped that “the policy does not decides everything”.

“In 2016 we scared that I would Boo, as it was with our performers in 2014 and 2015. I was mentally prepared. But, coming to the first rehearsal with the audience, I heard people chanting my name. We are leaders in bookmakers, we have had increased attention, everyone knew that would be something incredible. And we began to support ordinary people. It inspires confidence and the understanding that politics is not everything is decided”, — said the singer.

About the video

The clip was directed by Konstantin Cherepkov, which Lazarev was already working on a video for the song You Are the Only One.

“For me, this song is a conversation with ourselves, inner feelings, fears, many of them come from childhood. In the clip we see the island. This is the place that everyone has in mind where we come to the conversation with himself. We return to the experiences of the past, struggling with fears. About it our clip,” said Lazarev.

He called the music video “great work, unusual and theatre.” According to him, on the set of used cardboard scenery without any computer graphics. In turn, the book called the visual style of the video is minimalistic.

  • Philip Kirkorov and Sergey Lazarev
  • RIA Novosti
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It was originally planned that the role of a boy — lyrical Lazarev in childhood — will play his son Nikita. But then from this idea, the authors refused and called the older actor who already has experience in this area. Last but not least, the decision was made due to the difficult process of filming, which lasted nearly 20 hours. Moreover, in recognition Lazarev, thus wanted to avoid accusations of speculation on the theme of childhood.

The authors stressed that the clip is very popular on the Internet. On the day of publication on YouTube, it was viewed 1.5 million times. At the moment, the video has gained nearly 5 million views.

The decision to go to Eurovision for the second time

Lazarev admitted that they immediately agreed to perform at the music showcase, he long doubted, consulted with colleagues. Requesting him not to proceed with his trip to Israel as an attempt to take revenge for 2016.

“Many people say, I’m coming for revenge, something to prove. This is not revenge. Revenge is when something bad happened to me in 2016, if only wonderful things happened. Now I’m going to a competition, to plunge into this atmosphere and to do our best to represent their country in a great team,” — said the singer.

However, he agreed that the re-performance is a risk.

“I, of course, risk. Feel additional responsibility. And then it was so. I wouldn’t be me if I did not accept this proposal,” — said Lazarev.

About surprises

Lazarev and Kirkorov has praised the preparations for Eurovision-2019.

“Israel is very well prepared. As soon as he won last time, the next day they began to prepare for the competition: venues, concert halls, hotels. On the final night will be Madonna. The coming a large scale,” — said Kirkorov.