What motorist does not love fast driving? Especially if the real risk is eliminated, and the competition on the race track runs in a virtual environment, but with maximum effect of immersion. The question is provocative, but it should add a second – and how much you are willing to pay for this pleasure? The answer is not so obvious, and the online edition WTF1 tried to understand, and for what it is offering to pay developers of racing simulators.

Simple, reasonable price within one and a half thousand dollars you can get the steering column and for your computer that perfectly reflects the process of control race cars. But it is a modest home monitor with its mean diagonal, while racing for $1.3 million gamer literally surrounds on three sides a wall of displays. You can tilt your head to see the ceiling of the room, but only just – all the visual component is entirely simulates the view from the cockpit of the car.

And not just view — the player sits on a chair, and in a mock race car, in a chair with the anatomical structure, wearing a real helmet. To the latest attached drive, which will cause your head to deviate to the side if when entering a corner, when she presses the centrifugal force in a few “same”. The steering wheel too will be torn from the hands – feedback this simulator is implemented at the highest level.

Driving performance of the “car” are set depending on the virtual analogue of what a real model of a sports car you decided to ride.

Source — Road & Track