The financial budget, which should make for 2019, will be one of the toughest in the history of Ukraine.

This was announced by MP Kuryachii and the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers
Saenko, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Earlier Groysman called the date of receipt of funds from the IMF
the Ukrainian budget.

Prime Minister Groysman told the MPs that
the adoption of the budget in the second reading to be held on November 22. According to
Saenko, the special Committee reviewed the document and noted that the budget is ready for
the consideration of the second reading.

According to him, the Committee also approved the candidacy of the new
Minister of Finance – it could be Oksana Markarova, which now occupies the
the post acting Minister of Finance.

However, the MP Kuryachii noted that in 2019, Ukraine
have to give 459 billion, according to all external obligations. It
convinced that this budget will be the most difficult in the history of the country.

Earlier budget draft the Cabinet were sent for consideration
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Volodymyr Groysman is confident that the revenue side of the budget
amount of 1.29 trillion hryvnia, and the economy will grow by three percent.

This year, any of the economic difficulties the country is not
projected sure acting Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova and head
National Bank Yakov Smoliy.