Israel began to mark “dangerous” products

KIEV. April 10. UNN. From 2020 all food products with high content of fat, salt and sugar, produced in Israel, are subject to the color marking, reports UNN with reference to the 9-th channel of the Israeli television.

It is noted that some manufacturers supply decided not to wait for 2020. We are talking about the concern “Tnuva”. Recently the company has put on Israeli shelves of cheese fat content of 9% with a corresponding red mark. Which means the threshold value of saturated fats, salt and sugar.

In the “Tnuva” said that currently more than 80% of the group’s product complies with the food standards and not be labeled.

Experts believe that the company has started to label the product ahead of time in order to reduce possible losses to consumers accustomed to the “dangerous” color, and do not deny yourself the purchase of a product.

As he wrote the UNN, fake on the market of butter is up to 60%. This means that in each of the second stack of product animal fats replaced by vegetable what the consumer label of the product, as a rule, does not inform.

According to Deputy Sergey Trigubenko, the rise of falsification in the dairy market provoked a long moratorium on business inspections, as well as the low purchasing power of Ukrainians.

Animal fats in the product is often substituted for palm oil, imports of which during the last two years in Ukraine has risen to record levels.

Ukrainian MPs, however, want to ban the use of palm oil in food production. The relevant bill has already been passed by the Parliament in the first reading.