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People have misconceptions of what happened in Iraq, former Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein’s granddaughter, Hareer Hussein Kamel, told RT. She hopes her new book will set the record straight on of her family.

“I chose to write the book to tell the truth. The history of my country has been largely misrepresented,” Kamel said, explaining how she felt “the responsibly to clarify” the way Iraq has been portrayed, as well as addressing the attacks on her own family.

“I decided to tell the story of my family – which people have tried to discredit.”

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Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq for nearly 25 years until he was toppled during a US-led invasion in 2003, and later executed. He was accused of numerous human rights violations during his tenure.

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The US sent troops into the country, claiming that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, as well as ties with Al-Qaeda. Both allegations were later proven false. The invasion of Iraq spiraled the nation into a prolonged insurgency and civil war, which eventually led to the rise of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL).

The full interview will be released on RT later on Monday.

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