Vladimir Putin gave an interview to Regina Parpieva — 17-year-old girl with a rare disease neuromyelitis Optica,. Because of him, even as a child, she became blind, but nevertheless continues to maintain an active lifestyle and dreams of becoming a journalist. The Russian leader responded to questions about the presidency, the music preference and Christmas gifts. The desire Regina Putin learned thanks to the project “Dream with me” and asked the RT to work with a girl. Training a young journalist has assumed the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the 17-year-old Regina Parpieva of Nizhny Novgorod region. Thus the head of the state fulfilled the dream of the young journalist, who at the age of 8 years lost his sight due to an extremely rare and poorly understood disease — neuromyelitis Optica, also known as that was the clue.

However, the first question asked the Russian leader himself. He asked Regina, as was her acquaintance with Moscow, where she visited and what he did.

The girl replied that she could participate in competitions in swimming, which she managed to win silver.

Putin congratulated Regina on this success, and then began the interview.

The first girl asked Putin, whether he wanted to become President, and regretted it ever that stood at the head of the Russian Federation.

“I never wanted to be President, I had no such dreams and such intentions were not. It happened because of the circumstances and proposals from the first President of Russia (Boris Yeltsin. — RT)… it happened”, — said Putin.

According to him, he never regretted the decision. In addition, the President told which day was the most memorable at the head of the state.

“It’s very hard to say… But the highlight this year was the presidential elections and holding of world football championship,” — said Putin.

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He also said that he dreamed of becoming an astronaut, a pilot, a soldier, and then had a desire to work in foreign intelligence. According to the President, he is very seriously interested in this profession thanks to books and films devoted to this theme.

“It seemed to me very important and very interesting when one person in because of their knowledge, abilities, love of country, their willingness to achieve results at any cost, sacrifice can achieve alone the results that are important for the country as a whole and for millions of people, especially if this happens under special situations or war”, — said the President of the Russian Federation.

He also noted that such an interview gets “more strength for further work”.

Another question Regina was about music preferences of the Russian leader. Answering the question, Putin, in particular, the listed composers, which he loves, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Franz Schubert, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Liszt, Frederic Chopin, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms and Antonio Vivaldi.

“Heavy metal for me is very complicated to understand, heavy, though the music is nice, if she is talented, she should always bring forth some positive emotions. I like modern music, and the so-called popular classical music, but not very complicated, because you need to be well prepared listener, but the traditional classical works of the world’s most beloved authors — that I love to listen,” Putin said.

The Russian President also answered the question Regina about what he wanted as a gift for the New year. The Russian leader noted that this is a complex issue.

“The best gift would be a statement that this year that we have lived together with the whole country, it will be with a plus sign, that we, despite all the difficulties, and a lot of them, we will not only overcome, but also created conditions for further sustainable development of our country and support people in need, in order to have confidence that we are moving in the right direction,” — said Putin.

As the head of state, the most important thing for any human being should be the realization that the year was not in vain, the movement is on the right track and manage to achieve your goals. However, he added that the New year is “waiting for a fairy tale, a miracle.”

“I would like, based on what was done in previous times, including in the outgoing year, so we can have every reason to not count on a fairy tale, and that we will take the next steps in improving the lives of the country, so this New year has set us up to feel optimistic, to be happy and prosperous for all — for you, for your family,” — appealed to Putin to Achievei.

At the end of the interview, the President of Russia and 17-year-old Regina exchanged gifts. The girl gave the head of state made with his own hands a toy dog, the Russian leader is tickets to a concert of classical music and gadgets.

Finally Parpiev called Putin “a great President and a very good person.”

“I think it’s an advance. I have a lot more work to justify it,” — concluded Putin.

Fulfillment of desires

In December 2018, Putin visited the forum of Russian volunteers, where was the stand of the project “Dream with me”, in which anyone could fulfill the desire of seriously ill child. The Russian leader took five of the envelopes that had letters with wishes and promised to fulfill them.

A letter to the project “Dream with me” was sent by Regina’s mom.

“Honestly, I would never have dared myself to ask. When I first began to dream of becoming a journalist (it happened in 13 years), I told my mother about this desire,” admitted Regina.

The letter contained a request “to take an interesting and informative interview” a famous person. The President said he will ask the RT to work with the girl and help her to find someone who can interview.

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Training Regina has assumed the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan. She was with the girl a few meetings told me that should know and be able journalist, and also gave professional advice on how to ask questions and react to answers, and shared their experience.

On one of consultations the chief editor of RT asked Regina, who she would like to interview. The girl said that her main dream — “to interview the great man — the President.”

In the end, it turned out that Regina will communicate with the head of state. Before the meeting with Vladimir Putin, a young journalist is very worried and even said that she might need smelling salts. Margarita Simonyan joked that you can and ammonia to take, but actually reason for great excitement there, as the President, despite his high public office, is still an ordinary man.

After talking with the RT editor Regina admitted that she loved the professional tips. In addition, she said that Margarita Simonyan treated her like an adult.

  • Dreams of becoming a journalist for 17-year-old Regina Parpiev preparing to interview Putin

Rare disease

Regina Parpiev lost his sight at the age of 8 years. In addition, then began to deteriorate and her General condition. The doctors could not diagnose, but in the end determined that she suffers from neuromyelitis Optica, (that was the clue). This disease is poorly studied, and its causes are unknown.
The doctors decided to transplant the girl’s bone marrow. The donor was a brother of Regina Timur.

And the girl became the first child with the disease Devika, who underwent a bone marrow transplant.

After some time, the treatment is beginning to yield results. Regina gradually came back to life, but the optic nerve was severely damaged. Vision was lost forever. Despite this, she leads an active lifestyle engaged in swimming, plays piano and dreams of becoming a journalist.