In the Network surfaced enchanting video from Russia, where military equipment of the Russian army smashing civilian cars. The victim at the time of the accident to discuss the seizure of the Ukrainian cities.

Epic video with an example of “instant karma,” has caused a stir in the Network, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Very loud road accident happened on February 27 this year in the Russian city of Kursk. In broad daylight a column of armored vehicles of the Russian army rastroil 4 passenger vehicle, with those in “jaws”. In the incident accused the civic, saying that they themselves wedged in a military convoy and now have to blame themselves.

There is a new video of this high-profile incident, filmed by one of the victims of the Russian APC. Inspired by the armored vehicles, passengers “legkovushki” to discuss the occupation of the Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv and Sumy, reflecting much closer and easier to invade. At this moment the armored car of the Russian army, passing back sharply, tradit them the hood.

I love this video: bibica a cotton shit with miaskowski accent discussing HOW CONVENIENT TO ATTACK the UKRAINE – where closer. Just feels like a Freudian – armor is strong, and Kiev for two days!!! And then huyak – instead of the NATO soldiers -here, whores, soup!

— Juror (@russian_stench) March 9, 2019

In social networks laugh over the incident and Russians, victims of the Russian APC.

“Oh, these ekroth,”, – laugh in the Network. They suspect that the driver has the APC name is John Smith.

“Crushed wool strengthened”, – stebutsya commentators.

“Vodatel of BTR on the radio reported that Kiev they have slipped right up to Kursk, and he began to give in the ass” – expressed his version of what happened, a Twitter user.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that the Lexus in Russia rammed a military convoy and flew into the armored personnel carriers: the driver was burned alive in his car.