KIEV. July 11. UNN. Political party “Indian national Congress” (INC) accused the “people’s party” (BJP) in the money laundering through bitcoins, reports UNN with reference to CoinDesk.

INC said that the BJP converts the “black money” in white, using bitcoin in the Western state of Gujarat.

The representative INC Acticin Gohil said that this scheme has brought the leadership of the BJP from 727 million dollars to 12.7 billion dollars. In this regard, the party demands that the investigation was conducted under the supervision of the Supreme court of India.

In turn, the BJP has denied the charges. They believe that the INC can be ulterior motives to accuse the party of money laundering.

Meanwhile, Ukraine continues to decide on the issue of regulation of the market of cryptocurrencies from the point of view of the legislation.

In the national Parliament registered several bills on the legalization of digital money, and recently it was decided to combine them into a single document.

The author of one of the bills about cryptocurrency is the MP from the RPL Serhiy Rybalka (last year he was fired from the post of Chairman of the Finance Committee BP). His paper, however, experts of the Bitcoin Foundation called senseless and populist.

But according to some media, the bill Fishing (No. 7183-1) and all is “written off” the Russian officials.

Moreover, the co-author of the bill Fishing has done his civil wife Anastasia Bayborodina. And this act, the colleagues of the radical party called at least “unethical”.