In Vienna arrested a 42-year-old native of Iraq, which, according to investigators, twice tried to carry out attacks on high-speed rail tracks in Germany.

  • RIA Novosti

According to Deutsche Welle, 7 October 2018, the suspect pulled a steel cable over the rails near the town of Allersberg in Bavaria on high-speed rail route Nuremberg — Munich. As a result of collision of ICE train with an obstacle no one was hurt. At the train station in Munich were installed minor damage to the structure.

The investigators found on the rails in Allersberg fragments of wood and metal parts, and also parts of the wire rope.

In late December a similar incident occurred in Berlin.

According to investigators, the detained suspect is a supporter of the IG*.

Earlier it was reported that in the Federal States Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, arrested 11 suspects in the terrorist attack.

* “Islamic state” (IG) — declared a terrorist organization by the decision of the Supreme court dated 29.12.2014.