KIEV. May 18. UNN. The Ministry of health of Ukraine has drafted a bill to abolish the issuance of a special permit for occupation of traditional medicine, which also prohibits the advertising of such medicine. About it UNN reported in a press-service of Ministry of health.

“The draft law “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine” provides for the exclusion of articles that regulate the right to practice traditional medicine (healing). So the Ministry will not give permission to engage in folk medicine”, – said the Agency.

The health Ministry justified it by the fact that the concept of “folk medicine” in the law described so that to apply this definition in practice is impossible. “First, the legislation does not provide criteria for confirmation of the experience of many generations and ustalosti in folk traditions. Second, any methods of recovery, diagnosis and treatment must be safe and effective for patients”, – explained in Department.

“The existing procedure of assessment and expertise of healers does not allow the Ministry of health of Ukraine to give one of them permits, because it is impossible to guarantee the safety of their methods for patients,” – said the Ministry of health.

While the Ministry has assured that the adoption of a law does not mean the prohibition of traditional medicine as such – people who practice these methods will be able to continue their activities. “But their activities will not be considered medical advice, which can help someone not to hurt or to heal. Can be treated only by a doctor with appropriate education methods of evidence-based medicine”, – noted in the Ministry of health.

However, as noted, the bill “provides for the prohibition on the advertisement of traditional medicine”.

The Ministry of health initiated the cancellation of special permission for activity in folk medicine in January.