In Ukraine banned to sell and use “Enterosgel”Photo: Evehealth

The drug found elevated pH (pH value)

08.05.18 206100

Ukraine has banned the sale and use of the drug against intoxication “Enterosgel”.

This is stated in the decree of the state service for medicinal products and drug control.

From the Administration of the Odessa region received a message saying that the drug “Enterosgel” pharmaceutical company “EOF “Kreoma-Pharm” acted in violation of the methods of quality control.

The drug found elevated pH (pH value).

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The disposal of the Administration for only one batch of the drug manufacturer.

“Temporarily prohibits the sale and use of the drug “Enterosgel”, paste for oral administration, 70 g/100 g 405 g in the container; 1 container in a box made of cardboard, a series 2531217, production Prat “EOF “Kreoma-PHARM”, Ukraine, to a specific decision of the State service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control”, – stated in the order.

In the civil service, added that in the case of the detection of the drug should immediately contact the state service on medicinal products.

We will note, earlier the Republic abolished the decree on temporary prohibition of the Bulgarian BCG vaccine after an investigation proved the lack of connection of vaccination with the death of a child in Sumy region.