In the US, a powerful tornado left unharmed building, the epicentre of the disaster

Freeze video Matt Gillespie /

March 3 at city of Waverly Hall is located in Harris County U.S. state of Georgia, was struck by a powerful tornado that came from Alabama. Matt Gillespie of the nearby settlement of Ellerslie with a drone captured the effects of the disaster. To his surprise, he found that one of the houses survived a direct tornado strike and judging from the videos and photos, remain almost unscathed, although there were knocked down hundreds of trees, according to Stormnews.

According to the Weather Channel, when the funnel, made his way to 113 km, reaching Ellerslie and Waverly Hall, her category was evaluated as EF2 (wind speed 178-217 km/h). This is enough to tear the roof even well constructed buildings. And had damaged homes that were not on the path of a tornado. Has done without victims.

Recall that this tornado is one of the deadliest in the U.S. in recent years: the victims were 23 people in Lee County, Alabama. Injured 63 people. At first the funnel was rated EF3, then it was changed to EF4 – winds of up to 274 km/h.

Matt has published in social networks photos and videos of consequences of elements:

Incredible cases from survivors of the strongest wind houses repeatedly visited before. So, last fall, in the most affected by the hurricane “Michael” city of Mexico beach of the American state Florida was found almost intact house that the wind speed of 250 km/h and storm surge moved almost 366 meters.

Two homes were moved to 146 and 293 meters: