Leonid and Tatyana Tap

17 CBS / YouTube

A US Federal court has indicted 57-year-old Leonid Tafu, his 41-year-old wife Tatiana, and three of their friends in the money laundering, immigration fraud and fraud.

In addition, Leonid TAFA additionally accused of bribing a government official, attempted assassination and possession of a firearm with serial number erased, according to Wral.com.

Tatiana Tap still charged with complicity in money laundering and conspiracy in a series of crimes to money laundering. These two charges are also brought against her husband. A total of spouses was charged with 29 combined charges.

Friend and business partner Leonid Tafe, John Patrick Kotter, is accused of bribing a civil servant for the promise to act in breach of official duties. Cotter gave the FBI a bribe of 10 thousand dollars for something that he organized the deportation, reports as CBS17.

The charges were filed after the search, which on 5 December was held by the FBI in the house of Tafe in Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina. The cost of the mansion is estimated at five million dollars.

Tap at the time of the crime he served as Deputy General Director of the Russian Voentorg, writes RBC with reference to court documents. Charges against Tapov was launched on 8 December, but the press reported them just now.

According to investigators, in the period between 2010 and 2012 TAF participated in corruption schemes. Contractors, carrying out the orders of the defense Ministry, he prior to the conclusion of the contract was obliged to give him and his accomplices some of the money that they receive from the Department. In all these years TAF seized $ 150 million in cash, which as transferred to accounts in American banks. To do this, spouse took at least 70 accounts in four banks. The investigation has information about 294 transfers in the amount of $ 40 million. And on American account the money was derived through offshore.

Among the supporters of Tapow appears living in USA Russian Alexey Timofeev, he is accused of conspiracy to commit a crime against the United States. Russians accused of violation of article 1957 of title 18 of the United States code, which States the inadmissibility of realization of financial operations for the sum over 10 thousand dollars with the use of the proceeds of crime.

As for the charges of attempting to arrange a murder on him TAFA, according to the investigation, nearly pushed the jealousy. The fact that the house of Tata lived maid with her husband and son. All three came from Russia.

Tap began to suspect that the son of the housekeeper is having an affair with his wife. Then the jealous head of the family decided to get rid of a lover. TAF wanted to “expose” man, faking an overdose them with drugs. It can be used as a reason for deportation to Russia. Later TAF told the witness that he wants to arrange the kidnapping of a lover. The victim had to take to the woods to record his confession of having an affair, and then kill him.