As reported by Forbes, part of the sealift command U.S. Navy (MSC) is a ship with an unusual destiny – USNS Lance Cpl. Roy M. Wheat, intended for the carriage of cargo for the marine corps.

The fact that three decades ago, he wore an entirely different name – “Vladimir Buslaev” and belonged to the largest in the USSR the black sea shipping company. It was built in Nikolaev in the then Ukrainian SSR, on the black sea shipyard – where the only Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”.

After the USSR collapse the government of independent Ukraine as useless at the end of 1991, sold a unique cargo ship, which after upgrading has joined the ranks of the MSC. It ships perform various clerical duties, including refuelling, replenishment of warships at sea, Oceanographic survey and maintenance of submarines, as well as participate in missile tests.

The interest of the Navy command of the former Soviet container ship was far from random. Its length is 263 meters. Having a displacement of 15 tons and 804 usable area of more than 30 480 square meters, it could carry up to 35,000 tons of cargo. Since joining the MSC in 2003, it was used as a floating hospital with 500 beds, expeditionary airfield, as well as to deliver ammunition and other materials.
Source — Forbes