In the Swiss mountains found a secret store of bitcoins 10 billionPhoto:

Cryptocurrency is stored in sparbanker offline, which minimizes the possibility of theft

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About 7% of all mined bitcoins in the world are stored on servers of the company Xapo. A server located in the Swiss mountains in a gated former military bunker.

The price of this amount of cryptocurrencies is estimated at $ 10 billion, Bloomberg reported, citing sources.

“This means that in just four years (Xapo started to provide storage services in 2014 – approx. Ed.) the size of the deposits Xapo exceeded the amount placed on the accounts of 98 percent of the order 5670 banks in the U.S.,” writes Bloomberg.

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The bunker is a so-called cold storage of bitcoins. In it the bitcoin is stored offline, which minimizes the possibility of theft.

To get my bitcoins out of this store, customers Xapo takes about two days: during this time, the company verifies the client’s identity and the authenticity of his request to transfer cryptocurrencies. Xapo then manually sign transactions with private keys stored in different locations of the hopper.

Previously, the Focus in Japan has been the largest in the history of the theft of the cryptocurrency.