At the same time, Smelyanskiy don’t see a problem with the distribution of promotional materials in the mail.
Smelyanskiy banned the placement of political advertising in the offices of “Ukrposhta” / photo UNIAN

Director General of PJSC “Ukrpochta” Igor Smelyansky has closed the service of providing space for placing political advertising in the offices of “Ukrposhta”.

“I closed political advertising in offices. If you go – you will not see political advertising – I closed it as a service. Just not to decide who will be hanging over the toilet, right, left. Below mail was mail. So people, when they came, felt normal atmosphere,” said Smelyansky in the air “5 channel”.

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Smelyanskiy stressed that he wants to make “Ukrposhta” normal business company, and does not believe that its branches have become propaganda points.

Thus, he sees no problem with the distribution of promotional materials in the mail.

“Post – please, it’s our job,” he said.

At the same time, according to General Director of “Ukrposhta”, he looks at all polymaterialy before they begin to spread.

As reported, “Ukrposhta” for 9 months. increased net loss by 23.7% to 514,1 million UAH, net income – by 27.6% to UAH 4.8 billion. “Ukrposhta” in 2017 has received 203 million UAH of net loss compared with the year 2016, but increased net income by 19.57% to UAH 5.5 billion. “Ukrposhta” enters into the sphere of management of the Ministry of infrastructure. Provides around 50 types of services in 10.6 thousand branches all over the country, around 1.2 thousand located on the controlled Ukraine territory. The company employs 76 thousand employees, of which 33 thousand postmen, 13 thousand – postal operators.