This is called “political act of Pro-Russian forces”.
The event took place in the night of March 18 Charity Fund “Heroics”

In the night of March 18, unidentified persons desecrated a memorial to soldiers of the UNR Army in the city of Anan’ev of Odessa region. In particular, the monument was doused with paint and pelted with eggs.

It is reported by the charity Fund “Heroics” in the social network. It is called the act of vandalism and a political act of Pro-Russian forces, coordination of which may come from abroad.

The monument was doused with paint and pelted with eggs Charity Fund “Heroics”

The Foundation expects quick and efficient work as the National police and of the security Service of Ukraine”. “It is better to be proactive and catch those who attacked the monument to the Ukrainian soldiers, while the villains began to attack Ukrainian military,” said the philanthropists.

For information about the vandals promised reward Charity Fund “Heroics”

They also promised a reward of 10 thousand UAH to those who will provide information about the attackers.